feeling off

lkjhgfdEverything is totally out of whack for me right now. I know I haven’t been blogging, but I can’t. I feel off.

No matter what I’ve done, I can’t seem to get my life back to into it’s original swing. It’s like my world is spinning in an unstoppable circle.

I feel off with my friends, out of touch (their busy, their out of town, their moving, etc.)

I feel off with my husband (he’s in texas, can’t have his phone all the time. He doesn’t text and I don’t talk on the phone.)

I feel off with my parents (I haven’t visited them in so long or talked to them for than 10 minutes at a time).

I feel off with my boss (there’s been a weird tension and I’m really struggling with ONE part of my job).

I feel off with my coworkers (we’re in the process of hiring new people to replace those we lost this summer).

I feel off with my writing (I feel like I can’t say what I want to say on here anymore. The content of this blog is largely dictated by those that read it).

So where do you start when everything is so off? How do you put every aspect of your life into a new perspective? This summer is proving to be one full of lessons. Lessons in patience. Lessons in adaptability. Lessons in change.

I forget we all change. I think that, quite honestly, is the hardest thing in life.

“My world was changing, and I was not ready for it.” 
― Juliet MarillierDaughter of the Forest

Until next time, xoxo

(P.S. No comments on this please. Silence is all the support I need right now.)



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