May it begin

DSCN6941The last few weeks have been jammed packed with work and errands and then on Friday I sent Christopher off for the entire month of May to take a class in Dallas. I’ve hardly had time for blogging–my apologies. So quickly, here are 10 things to get you up to date:

  1. Yes, I miss Chris (I get asked that almost instantaneously after telling people he left)
  2. No I won’t be going to visit him (It’s more complicated than you think)
  3. I am shocked by the number of people who have offered to check on me/visit/come see me. Love will never quit surprising me.
  4. I’ve already read two books this week, reviews to come later.
  5. I got in trouble for using too much data on my phone, I really like downloading music. My bad.
  6. I’ve been in the doghouse at work literally all week, hopefully I can pull it back together soon.
  7. I miss my family, I need trip home soon y’all!
  8. I’m still jogging, still dropping weight, I’m wearing an 8 in these pics.
  9. I had to quit drinking coffee. Pause, for a moment of silence. I’m trying “1/2 and 1/2” which is about as energizing as a stick of gum.
  10. I now only have 6 favorite songs. Just 6, that’s not a lot.

That’s all you’ve missed, aside from this outfit I’m wearing. I got this top and scarf for a steal at TJ Maxx when Chris took me shopping for our anniversary. I never had plans to wear them together, but I really do love some coral and blue. Props to Calvin Klein on that chic leopard with nautical stripes. I love it!DSCN6942DSCN6945

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