complaining in peacock

DSCN6838This week has sucked the big one, a lot. I am so over this week and it is only Tuesday and tomorrow is hump day, it could be the death of me. The only thing good about this week has been the weather. The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and I’m in open toed pumps with my new peacock Modcloth top, but I’m still pissed. (haha!)Β A slew of ungrateful customers, an unhappy conversation with my boss’s boss, working too much, and finally a review coming up about my performance! I can’t wait! I suppose I should look at all of this as the glass half full, but let’s face it I’m just not that type. So….. my glass is almost empty, just sayin.

So today, I have a (old) story for you:

Once upon a time, I was a sonic car hop (awesome, I know). All day, every day, Sonic paid me minimum wage to scan a badge and carry food out to a stall number. I didn’t take orders, I didn’t cook food, I didn’t make drinks, I walked to the car and exchanged your order for money.

Well, there once was a man who was allergic to tomatoes, who came to my sonic with his grandson and ordered a burger with no tomatoes.Β Upon arriving at the stall, I gave him his food and BEFORE he paid me, he checked his burger. Once he flipped open the bun there were two giant slices of tomato staring at his face. He then proceeded to throw his burger, shake, and fries at me, claiming that I was “an idiot who clearly deserved to be working in such an industry” and he drove away leaving me drenched in vanilla ice cream and ketchup.Β 

Until today I have chalked that story up to “the customer is always right” but I was wrong. The customer is not always right and to be completely frank, that type of behavior is totally unacceptable. People get frustrated when a two year old is screaming for a candy bar in the line at Walmart, but I am equally as frustrated with the ADULT who is pitching a fit and acting like the two year old to get what they want. I hear people complain all the time that children are “getting out of hand” and “what will our future be like”, well I’ll tell you that as long as their parents AND their grandparents teach them that throwing a controlled fit (the only difference is using profane language and not throwing yourself on the ground) is ok, then you should absolutely be worried about the future. Imagine a world where everyone screams to get what they want and when they can’t have it, they’re willing to burn you and your whole company down in the name of I GET WHAT I WANT.

Therefore, this week I come to you with a plea. When you travel, when you shop, when you go anywhere or see anyone, even if bad things happen and the customer service makes a mistake, be kind and choose joy. Do not be hateful, do not be mean, because you have NO IDEA what the person you’re talking to is going through or if they even had anything to do with your problem. Life is hard enough as it is and you don’t need to make it more difficult with your attitude, especially if you’re…. I don’t know…. 54 years old.

This rant has been brought to you specially by: Tiffany Marie

DSCN6831DSCN6840DSCN6833Top: Modcloth, Leggings: Old Navy, Pumps: Payless, Bracelet: c/o my momma

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