christmas, family, and love

With Christmas (literally) just around the corner, I wanted to take some time to share with you my most favorite Christmas experience. Each and every year, my family has traveled (together & sometimes not) to my Aunt Mickie’s for a wonderful family Christmas! We order pizza, wings, calzone (honestly probably too much food, but we get amazing leftovers to take with us!) and lots and lots of dessert. We eat, we talk, we reminisce on good times, it truly is a wonderful time. Later, we clear the table (except for dessert!) and fill it with gifts for one another. We make each other things, we bake each other things, we buy each other things, my family absolutely loves gift giving.Β DSCN6752DSCN6753DSCN8656After dessert and presents, we linger and chat, taking in the last of the family time before we all go our separate ways. In the past, we’ve always had an (immediate) family Christmas, but with each of us taking on a partner in life and new in-laws, along with my dad’s travelling job, we don’t get that extra time anymore. This time at Mickie’s has become our family Christmas and each of us stay late and attempt to make it last as long as possible. There is just nothing like family I tell you, nothing.

After some time of talking and thank you’s, Mickie slips away to cover her dining table in amazing cosmetics and bags for all the ladies to dig through and fight over.Β This year I scored about 7 packages of Estee Lauder makeup and a cute little bag to go with it! (sorry mom! ;))Β DSCN6767This year we missed quite a few people, but I’m certain they were there in spirit.

What a wonderful way to kick off Christmas, a celebration with the ones you love. Merry (almost) Christmas everyone!

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