Halloween ’13

1383930_10202606950761264_1869855738_nDSCN6625This Halloween was a bit anticlimactic compared to years past. Other than dressing up for work, (I was Rosie the Riveter) I didn’t really do much else. At the last minute we opted out of passing out candy so we could eat it, watch movies, and not have to answer the door to children and more children that I deem too OLD to be trick or treating. Overall I had a wonderful evening/night at home snuggled up with my big teddy bear enjoying AMC’s Fearfest Michael Meyer’s Marathon. Good times.

So why was I Rosie the Riveter? “I thought you said you couldn’t dress up…” Well, shortly after writing this post, I was informed by our corporate offices that we could slightly dress up (hats & work appropriate costumes are fine but not masks!) With only a week to plan, I had to come up with a quick, easy, comfortable, work appropriate costume. My go-to for this in the past has always been a baby (slap on some footie pjs, put my hair in a messy bun, and slap a binky in my mouth!) Unfortunately footie PJs were on the out, so I had to dig deeper. When I came across the Rosie costume, I thought I can do it! Ha ha. I raided my closet and BAM—costume!

However, I didn’t actually try out the costume beforehand which I later regretted. The morning of Halloween I had a mental breakdown over my hair that would’ve made 10 year old Tiffany proud. Tears pouring down my face minutes before I was supposed to leave, Chris was standing in the doorway insisting “only you see your forehead”  (so not true.) and “you look fine.” It was bad. Bad. Bad. However, lucky for me, despite his inexperience with temper tantrums and high maintenance women, Chris did make me feel better. He made me smile. So I went to work and I was OK with what I looked like. As the day went on, I felt better and better. When I got home, I was happy and then Halloween fell into the beautiful relaxing night I described above.


Happy Halloween! (P.S. I hope you enjoyed the gun show!)

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