What I’ve Read

Vogue MagazineDSCN6609

I’ve been a long term subscriber to Vogue. I started on their mailing list in 2009 and I’ve loved (almost) every single issue I’ve read since then. Every month, without fail I find an issue in my mailbox that is sure to make me happy. It’s sad, but I plan how I’m going to read it. I fix the good coffee, I actually have breakfast, and then settle onto the couch in a blanket and savor every page.

I’ve been asked before… “Why do you read Vogue?” “How can you stand all the ads?”

The truth: First, I love the ads. The ads are the reason I started looking at Vogue to begin with. In small town Oklahoma it is a rare occasion to see so many designer labels. How often do you open up a page and see a Harry Winston? Is this materialistic? Sure, but I don’t care. I like to look at beautiful things. To me, it’s art. Second, I love the stories in Vogue. Over the years, Vogue has produced some of my most cherished magazine articles. Third, Vogue has the best cover ladies. THE BEST. Period.

So if you haven’t in awhile, pick up an issue of Vogue. Make yourself some coffee. Snuggle up. Then go get lost in all the fashion and fame.Β DSCN6610DSCN6611

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