year 22

DSCN6614DSCN6615DSCN6619Friday was my 22nd birthday. I am twenty two years old or young, depending on how you look at it. Actually when you think about it, I am quite old and at the same time quite young. From 21 to 22, I graduated from College, I got married, I left the country for the first time, we moved into our first home, and I got a full time job. Whoa, that’s a BIG YEAR, those things make me, old.

However, 21 to 22, was also a reminder of how young I am. I am a newlywed, I just left the country for the first time EVER!, I just landed my first real job, and I am finally (legally) allowed to drink. I am so young sometimes, I truly forget it.

So what’s to come from 22 to 23? I’m not really sure. Big things? Little things? Travel? It’s looking like one big surprise! And….

Although I don’t like surprises, I’m really looking forward to the next year and I am going to make a promise:

I promise to be young. I promise I will live this next year, like I’m 22.

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