DSCN6597DSCN6594DSCN6602(Sweater, Jeans: Old Navy, Flats: Payless)

This week has been a total roller coaster ! Some days are awesome and everything goes right. ย Then the next day EVERYTHING goes wrong. Although it’s been an emotional roller coaster, I can’t complain too much because today is a good day. Today I’m smiling. Today I am wearing this AMAZING embellished sweatshirt from Old Navy! ooooooooohhhh ahhhhhh. Don’t you love it? Eh, don’t care, because I LOVE IT and it’s perfect for this icky weather I will be suffering through when I leave the house for work tonight!

Speaking of work, I kicked ass at work this week. I absolutely kicked ass. After those shenanigans on Saturday, I decided I had to turn that work week right side up! Yay! Go me, and let’s carry that on to every week Tiff! ha ha.

Coming up next week: More work + it’s my birthday. I’ve been asked, more than normal because normally I have a plan, of what I would like to do for my birthday. The truth is, I really don’t know. I really want to do something Halloween-ish, fancy-ish, drunk-ish, ha ha. Clearly, I haven’t made up my mind, I could really use some ideas!

Now that I’ve rambled for a little while, I’ll tell you what I actually got on here to tell you. Look at the picture below VVVVDSCN6591You see those jeans? Those are Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, size 12. SIZE 12!!! I can finally wear a size 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately at work, my jeans and trousers have been slipping down more than usual. Imagine my surprise when I slipped on a size 12 in the dressing room. I squealed. Probably sounded like a weirdo, but really this is something to be excited about. I’m becoming myself again. Inside and out.

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