saturday stripes

DSCN6572DSCN6582DSCN6577DSCN6588(Sweater: Old Navy, Necklace: c/o Mom, Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: Target)

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I woke up early, saw Chris off to work, gathered up my book and my coffee, and just curled up in a rocking on our back porch for a few hours. A long morning to myself: reading, a long shower, straightened my hair. Ah….. felt so good.

After a long afternoon spent talking with my Mother-in-law, I slipped on this sweet little get up and headed to work! This sweater is SO comfortable to work in (it’s thin and lightweight)! Also, I never wear heeled boots like this to work, however on Saturday I only worked for five hours and I thought, what the heck, why not? Why not rock these on this gorgeous awesome day?

Well guys that gorgeous awesome day came to dead halt the moment I got to work. I’ll tell one story that should give a little perspective to how the night went:

A customer wanted to purchase a nightstand that we sell in both a black finish and a silver finish. However, we only have the silver nightstand in stock. Therefore, if she wanted to purchase the black one, I’d have to sell her the floor model and give her a discount, which we attempt to not do as much as possible. The customer liked the idea of the discount and wanted to think about it. I gave her a minute and came back.

Me: So have you decided on anything yet?

Customer: I want the silver one.Β 

Me: Alright! I’ll get it from the back and meet you at the register!

I go back to the stockroom. I dig out the silver nightstand. It’s in the center of a furniture pile with a long rectangular box resting on top of it. I pick up the box standing it up right in the air and one by one, sheets of glass fell from this box, shattering on the floor at my feet. A $400 glass bookshelf was now sitting in a million pieces on the floor. Great. Just great. I was upset, but I knew the customer was waiting. I pushed the mountain of glass aside and got the nightstand out. I headed to the register.

Me: Alrighty, here it is! Good as new!

Customer: You know, I actually think I’m just going to get the black one!

Is that not a bad joke or what? Everyone has good days. Everyone has bad days. I’m just putting it out there, Let’s make Monday great! Have good one!

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