I won’t lose

DSCN6448DSCN6447DSCN6442DSCN6449(“My shoes shine in the light! Look! Look!”)

Well this week was busy. I think I say that every time I write. But it was, it was really busy. But a good busy. A healthy busy. Lately, with my newfound knowledge of all of my job’s inner workings, I’ve been executing tasks and managing like a….. boss!? haha.

But really, I have been LOVING my job. It gives me purpose, makes me feel needed, and honestly shoots my ego through the roof! I don’t know what it is, but I’m just loving it! I get dressed everyday. My smile is bigger. ย I’ve lost weight. I sleep like an infant (a lot). Chris and I are always laughing. ย Honestly, I can just feel the happiness pouring out of me.

The sorrows and depression of my unemployed summer have faded into the background and a better (not new!) more confident Tiffany is beginning to emerge. Look out world, I’m back ๐Ÿ˜‰

But you gave me wings and I used them. I used them on my youth. Yeah, you gave me wings and I used them and I won’t lose them. -Ellie Gouldingย 

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