the way in which the leaves fall

DSCN6251DSCN6250DSCN6248DSCN6253Good Morning Friday! After a full breakfast, some morning tv, and a quick shower I’m headed out to work for the rest of the day! I only work until 4:30, which means tonight my man is taking me out for a little dinner and little romance. Some champagne? I’m not sure yet but we have a lot to celebrate.

Yesterday was Chris’ birthday and even though I worked all day, I had the house covered in streamers and big birthday cake waiting for Chris when he woke up. He thought it was really special, but I’m still really looking forward to going out tonight!

During the past few days at work, we’ve gotten in a TON of fall/halloween decor that has me aching for the holiday season to be here already! With that in mind, I’ve pulled out my sweaters, fall colors, and black skinnies to prepare! I absolutely cannot wait for the weather to cool off. The past few days its been over 100 degrees and I just want to wear sweaters and boots! Fall, where you at?

Wearing: Sweater (Old Navy), Cami (Old Navy), Necklace (Family Heirloom), Pants (Gap), Shoes (Payless)

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