take the long way home

DSCN6230DSCN6222DSCN6232DSCN6229For running errands and making a long drive home, this is a really great, simple outfit. V-neck, capris, flats, + bangles. Comfort. Also, I didn’t feel the need to fight my curls. Sometimes, it’s best if I just go with it.

I’m so happy that Summer is coming to an end. Although I welcomed the Spring with open arms, I am ready for the summer to come to a fast halt. I am looking forward to August and the start of the Fall. This summer hasn’t brought many happy memories so in a short time I’ll be waving it on like any other bad period of time. I have some wonderful things to look forward to in the fall (my man is turning 24!) and I also have some very big news to share very soon! πŸ™‚

Tonight, I am packing my bags and a heavy heart and heading home for a family funeral. Like I said, the summer hasn’t been kind so please, keep my family in your thoughts as we celebrate the life of one of our loved ones tomorrow morning.

Although we’re driving back tomorrow, we won’t be home until Sunday. Later this weekend, we’re hosting a multi-family garage sale. Gotta make that money! So here we go, five days at home with family.

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