work and play


Remember this busy Saturday? Well later that night I went with Kala to see Epic! Therefore, I thought I’d share how I turn an outfit for  running errands into a movie night. I hate doing laundry so I avoid changing clothes completely when I can, plus I enjoy a little transformation fun!

Obviously I kept the skeleton of the outfit (blue v-neck and khaki shorts from Old Navy), but  I added just three items that completely transform the outfit:

  • Green Old Navy Sweater: Because the theatre tends to be very chilly, I thought a sweater was totally necessary. I love the combination of the green with the sky blue v-neck.
  • H&M Tan Flats: With the sweater, the outfit seemed to turn warmer so I thought a more natural colored shoe would compliment the sweater. (I was right!)
  • Rose/Gold Layered Necklace: just a final touch. 😉

How do you turn your outfits over for the night?

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