sky blue saturday

DSCN5994DSCN5997DSCN5996DSCN5982(shirt/shorts: Old Navy, shoes: Payless)

What I Wore: I know, I’m not superfantistcally*  dressed here, but I wanted to show you what I look like on the regular. Flats, shorts, and an Old Navy v-neck are my definite go-to outfit when I need to look nice and not fancy. The truth is that I, like most of you, look like this every single day. I usually shy away from showing these outfits, but this time I thought, why not! I know, I know khaki shorts go in and out of fashion, but the truth is that khaki shorts are very flattering on girls with thicker legs. I personally find them to be very flattering for my hips, thighs, and skin color. Aka, all my plus size girls out there, ROCK THOSE KHAKI SHORTS!

What I did: These past few months have been so busy. I got married, honeymooned to Jamaica, moved to a new house, and now have a very long and tedious list of things to do. This Saturday morning, I cracked down on my paperwork portion of the list, hard. Since I woke up at 5, I’ve been bustling like a bee on all the paperwork that comes from name changing (seriously, how many more papers could I sign?! #wifeyproblems), then I worked through HALF of my wedding thanks yous, (Yes, half because there are over 100, also, I promise they’re coming soon!), and finally I finished up our “We’ve Moved Postcards“, from the Rifle Paper, Co. and got them ready to be mailed Monday morning. Let’s put it this way, I’ve had one super productive Saturday morning/afternoon!


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