purple haze

DSCN5958DSCN5960I know, I know I’ve been gone from the blogsphere for a little while, but I have been one busy newlywed! Over the past few days, Kala, the parents, Chris, and myself have been moving box after box into our new HOUSE! (a post on this coming soon!) However, last night our group took a little break and hit up Olive Garden for dinner followed up with the new film, Now You See Me. (The movie was good, but you must pay close attention!)

Finally able to break free from sweat, ponytails, and nike dri-fit shorts, I curled my hair and pulled out this summer maxi dress! I bought this dress on sale at Ross over two years ago and this is only the second time I’ve worn it. It’s a bit of a loud dress, sort of fancy, and a bit difficult to pinpoint the location to wear it to. However, with the cooler wind and the need to get fancy, this dress was perfect! Although I’ve only worn it twice, it truly does flatter my small chest/large hips combination. Hopefully this will be a summer piece I’ll pull out on more than one occasion!

DSCN5950(My man jumping in for a photo!)

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