Shopping Spring

DSCN4727Women’s Vintage Style V-Neck
DSCN4728DSCN4724Old Navy Accessories (vary to region)DSCN4729Women’s Printed Sundress
DSCN4723Women’s Diva Cuffed Denim ShortsDSCN4730Remember when I said, I should rep for Old Navy?  Well, Old Navy has graced my closet yet again with pinks and floral. I had a little spending money a few days ago and I just couldn’t resist brightening up my wardrobe! Warmer weather, warmer weather, warmer weather!

With some new warmth in my wardrobe, I’ve spent the morning packing my suitcase for a weekend trip home! Sunday is my Bridal Shower and I am so EXCITED! Another fun filled weekend of love, family, and friends. Like I said, you just can’t replace this feeling of love.

Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.

-Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


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