Monday Morning

Today is Monday, February 11, 2013. My wedding is 68 days away, our lease is up in 109 days, and I’ve got so much to do before those deadlines actually arrive. Am I feeling stressed? Duh. Am I feeling overwhelmed? No. Slightly. Am I handling it? Totally. To handle my new found stress, I’ve found some peace in new places.

1. The Morning DSCN4489I used to be a late sleeper, but lately I find myself appreciating the morning. I get up early, leave Chris in bed, open the blinds, sip my coffee, and prepare myself for the day to come. Sitting in the dark of the living room with only the morning light shining through the curtains, I can think about my goals, plans, and even recollect on the past. Sounds silly, right? But truly, the morning has provided me with some “me” time. I’ve found that this calm atmosphere sets a tone for my day. These peaceful mornings have provided me some peace of mind.

2. Non-Academic Reading DSCN4488After I graduated in December, I sort of steered clear of books, despite the fact that I love reading. For me, reading has always been a place that I could escape to. I have an AMAZING imagination, therefore books are extremely entertaining for me. However, school made me want a break from my imagination. Imagine that? Ha! Therefore, in order to maintain my love for reading, I’ve delved more into the world of magazines! I avidly read magazines in high school, spottily through college, but now I love them! I have no real reason why I care more about fashion and facial exfoliation, then I do about Nicholas Sparks, for right now, I just do.

3. Running

I don’t have too much to say about this right now. Every single day, rain or shine, I’ve attempted to go run. I’m up to two miles a day, which for me is like WOW, but for others is like Seriously? However, zoning out and honing in on the run has really made me feel great. I can take a second and focus solely on my body. Am I running to lose weight? No. Am I running to be healthy? Sort of. Am I running for my self esteem? Absolutely. Every mile I complete is a boost to my ego. Running makes me feel good about myself, who knew?

So that’s where I’m finding peace on manic mondays. How about you? Where do you find peace?

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  1. Alissa B

    lol i was totally going to drop off my vogue copy with rooney mara on it but after our convo the other day when you were hating on her i was like “well…nvm!”

    love this post! its great to hear what you’ve been up to. and i love that you’ve been running! it’s really amazing. and two miles for anybody is amazing! most people don’t do that daily!–you should be proud!


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