what’s in my bag

I have always carried a purse. I know some people (a lot of people) have downsized to clutches and small hipsters, but I just can’t do it. For me, the bigger the purse, the better the purse! I carry so much with me all the time, I can’t stand just having my phone and wallet. I need lotion and chapstick, and my brush and just about anything else I can think of.

I’ve got a pretty legit collection of purses. I absolutely love all of them, which is why I have so many. They are a plethora of colors and sizes (mostly large and Steve Madden). I’m pretty particular when it comes to a purse. Purses must be the right size, color, ease of function, etc. These are my faves!DSCN4367 grays greenlepord

Of all my purses, this one is the one I love the most. With three different carrying methods, rich royal blue + gold color, Steve Madden quality, size, this bag is the PERFECT bag!

onebagSo what’s with the big bag? I just like space. Oh yeah, I carry ALL of this with me, ALL the time. DSCN4359DSCN4360Obviously, my wallet. This small two fold wristlet is fantastic! It holds all my cards, money, and change + room for my keys and phone in case I can’t bring in my big fat purse!DSCN4355Shades. I try to wear sunglasses as often as I can remember to put them on my face. They are ALWAYS with me, but I do not always wear them. I don’t want to have “crows feet?” but it is extremely hard to think long term for yourself sometimes. pensThe wands. I need a hair brush. All the time. Period. The two pens are VERY important. The Sharpie Pen I use for my signature on absolutely everything. Pretty much all of my checks. I got the princess pen in Disneyland. It was for the character autographs (Mr. Incredible, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty have touched it, just sayin!) Since we’ve been back, it’s become my go to pen for all things.DSCN4353the health package. I always have a substantial amount of medication, germ-x, and kleenex on hand. I may not always be sick, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get hit with a migraine or a runny nose on occasion!DSCN4354for the skin. When it’s winter, my lips are chapped. When it’s summer, my lips are burnt. Therefore, I always need chapstick. I don’t need anything special, just vanilla! I keep lip gloss for the same reason I keep a hair brush, every now and then, you just need to freshen up. Finally, lotion. I always get compliments that my skin is soft, its because I wear a TON of lotion!

What do you keep in your bag?

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