Well, I did it! Saturday afternoon I finally wrapped up my college career. I pounded my heels across the stage faster than I did in high school, welcoming the relief of being finished. My closest family and friends (sparing those that couldn’t make it of course!) came to celebrate the momentous occasion and it was amazing. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing better than having everyone you know and love surrounding you. Thank you’s to all who came and made this day so special.

First there was the ceremony:DSCN3961DSCN3971DSCN3979doubleThen there was the reception:DSCN4148(Wreath c/o Pinterest. It was a ton of work, but it turned out GREAT!)DSCN4040DSCN4158(To display photos we tucked a few into the decorative wine glasses on the table!)desserts(The cake and cake pops were c/o of Alissa’s sister Amanda. She did such a fantastic job! Absolutely not a single slice or pop was left!)cuttingcakeDSCN4042(These decorations were also pinterest inspired! However, they were so easy I’d definitely use this technique again!)DSCN4170(Big family probs: never enough room to sit and eat!)DSCN4165But the best photos came from our “photobooth” session outside:DSCN4137DSCN4073DSCN4097Don’t assume by our straight postures and smiles that this “photobooth” went smoothly. Oh no….not in my family. Smiles are pretty but this is the REAL family:DSCN4136DSCN4099DSCN4094DSCN4056DSCN4130DSCN4055


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