lace and frills

Good Morning! Rise and shine! It is such a beautiful day today and we are heading into such a beautiful weekend! I distinctly recall last year that August was so dreary and so rainy. I swear I had on rain boots every single day. But this year the weather has been gorgeous! Of course it’s rained, but mostly at night or in the early morning while I sleep safe and dry in my home. The days are cooler but still warm enough to wear outfits like this! Plus, I can actually go off my balcony for photos!

Now, this little beauty was my outfit for the Randolph Street Market a few weekends ago! Although I’ve had this top since we vacationed in Chicago 2 years ago, I’ve never worn it and I’m so glad I finally did! Plus you can see me rocking my new summer sandals that are actually made for walking – god bless comfortable, practical, and adorable shoes! PSA: If you live in a walking city or are looking for a pair of sandals that are made for vacation walking, I highly suggest Naot sandals (I’ve linked them at the bottom of this page).

So guess what? It is a beautiful day because today is my last day at the office until next Tuesday (currently doing the happy dance!) I have big, big plans. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be meeting the family at the airport for our Girl’s weekend in Chicago to see Hamilton! We’ll be taking a lake front cruise, eating at Maple+Ash, brunching at Kanela’s with Bloody Mary’s, plus I have a tropical surprise in store for everyone! I can’t wait to see them.

I hope you’re all doing something fun this weekend! I’ll be checking back in one week from today! Make it good one!

TOP: H&M (similar here) // JEANS: AE // SHOES: NAOT // BRACELET: PIER 1 (similar here)

stay on it

So now it’s officially August and I have something important to discuss.

Back in December on New Year’s Eve, Big A and I made New Year’s Resolutions. One of mine was to go to the gym every day for the month of January for at least 10 minutes. That’s right, not only I did I make a fitness New Year’s resolution (#classic) but I also made it easy: go for 10 minutes. I  read once that one of the main reasons people quit working out is because they try to do too much at once. So I started small. Real, real small. I joined the Self Magazine New Year’s Challenge and I partnered on Social Media with hundreds of girls that were feeling and going through the same struggle, just trying to make a difference and shift the balance in their quality of life. From big to small to smart and confident and scared, I felt so motivated by these women. It was the best way to do this. It helped me. It saved me.

So, as I said before, it’s officially August and guess what, I’m still doing it. Now it’s more like an hour, but it all started back on January 1 where I went to the gym for just 10 minutes a day. Now it’s a part of my everyday life. Sure there are still days where I don’t feel like it or a weekend or two where I skip, but it’s who I am now. I’m healthier and happier version of the girl I was in 2016. My favorite clothes fit again. I wore a bikini this summer. WOAH. But guess what, I’m still going, I’m still pushing myself. Because the real work out starts when you want to quit.

I have officially lost 23 lbs this year. That’s like an average 2 year old or like 23 footballs or like 3 gallons of water. Right now, I’m chugging along for my goal of losing 30 lbs this year. I hope you’re behind me, because I’m not stopping! This is Monday Motivation. Go kill it this week you guys!

plain white tee

I’m just over here living for the weekend.

So check it, this weekend we have a house guest and Big A is taking him to Lollapalooza. Where does that leave me? By the pool with a book or on the sofa with Season 3 of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. No worries, the weather will decide for me.

Have a great rest of your week and I’ll be sure to check in after the weekend! XOXO