Month: March 2013

most of the clean faces, be the most dirty

DSCN5061DSCN5063DSCN5065DSCN5059Hey guess what? This girl, smiling in that hot pink shirt, is getting married in 23 days! That being said, I have been running around like crazy trying to plan, create, and make final changes! I have to be honest at this point, I’m stressed out. I am happy, so don’t mistake stress for unhappiness, but I really am feeling the pressure. Sadly, I began this post by ranting about all my stress (only 14/100 RSVPs, why did I even buy the stamps! No one read the invitation? Then why I did send them!) but fortunately, I will not sit here and rant about things I can’t change or fix. I have to bite the bullet and move forward.

On Monday, Chris and I sat down and walked through the wedding step by step. We made a plan and came up with a (2 PAGE) list of things that need to be finished. That list is staring me down.

However, slowly but surely I’ve been checking things off. Today, I sent out my thank yous for the bridal showers. I bought them from an etsy shop JennyPie5 and they are absolutely gorgeous. To see the front, check out her listing, hereDSCN5054These went so perfectly with our theme and I quite honestly I didn’t feel like hand-making anything else! So be looking in your mail box for a little love from me and Chris!

Beside the stress, something really special is about to happen! This weekend is my bachelorette party in Austin, TX! Me and my besties are headed down to the strip for some single lady fun! To follow our good times, follow #tmbach2013 on Instagram!

See you next week! :)

Five Things: Wardrobe Additions

As it is Friday, I thought I’d share some recent purchases (five things to be specific!) that were absolute musts for my wardrobe! My wardrobe meaning not necessarily for Spring, but some pieces that I simply couldn’t live without.
DSCN50501. Modcloth’s Laguna NecklaceWhen I first saw this necklace I thought it was very unique, but I didn’t necessarily have anything to wear it with. However, after finding out we were headed for Jamaica for our honeymoon I thought this was PERFECT! Can’t you see it by the ocean with a Maxi Dress and no sandals. Awe….daydreaming of the beach already.DSCN50492. Modcloth’s The Sun’s Energy Necklace: I have to start by saying that pictures don’t do this necklace justice. In person it shines and gleams like you wouldn’t believe. Since wedding planning began, I have been on the hunt for a yellow statement necklace for the rehearsal dinner. The moment I saw this, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The color is a perfect match to Chris’ shirt + will go great with any little black dress. DSCN50473. Forever 21’s Faux Gem Bib Necklace: For my birthday, Chris’ sister bought me a pair of royal blue wedges from Target. I absolutely love the shoes, but I’ve found it pretty difficult to pair them with things. So just like my yellow statement necklace, I went on the hunt for SOMETHING bluish that matched these shoes. After months of looking at rings, scarves, bags, necklaces, and bracelets, I happened upon this little beauty. Perfect match. DSCN50514. Forever 21’s Tribal Gold Bangle Set and Chain-Link Pearlescent Bracelet SetNow don’t hate, I know these are two separate sets, but I consider them to be the same item. These bracelets can be mixed and matched and go perfectly with nearly any outfit that needs a gold pop!DSCN50525. Full Turquoise Ruffle Scarf c/o of my Mom: My mom has always been a very crafty lady, but this year she stumbled upon a trend of scarves that are actually fairly simple to create! This is actually the first one she’s made me but I am so excited to sport this puppy for spring. The material is very light weight (similar to a summer scarf) and the color is very complimentary to my eyes. Best part, only $20!

Anything new you’ve recently added to your wardrobe?

A Review on Vive Le Ranch

I’ve recently received many questions and requests for more information about Vive Le Ranch (the wedding venue we did not choose) because of my post: so you’re engaged… Thus, all the information I have + my personal opinion on Vive Le Ranch.

When Chris and I first began looking for a wedding venue, I knew exactly what I wanted: a barn, rustic, country, warm, and BUDGET FRIENDLY*. After pouring over online photos, blogs, and wedding boards I discovered that most of the photos I loved were taken at a location called “The Barn” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It took me some time to finally track down “The Barn” but I discovered it was actually called Vive Le Ranch. Although I found their facebook page, Vive Le Ranch has no real website so I did the next best thing: I called the number.

In talking with the owner, she explained to me the rental fee was $2200 and all the money would be given to the Brush Creek Youth Ranch. Chris and I were very excited (ONLY $2200!) so we set up an appointment to view the ranch. Days before we left to view the venue, I read a few reviews on Wedding Wire about the Ranch. While most people chalk it up to 4/5 stars, there were several others who gave it 1/5 stars. The one that really caught my attention is posted below. Link, here.

Vive le Ranch in Tulsa, Oklahoma absolutely ruined my wedding day. They told me ELEVEN days before my wedding that they weren’t supposed to book me because of a fundraising event that is supposed to take place on the following Tuesday. 

Thank you, Vive le Ranch for causing me to dream about a wedding for over a year, and then allow me to spend $15,000 on a day that you ruined. 

Also…the organizer of the Brush Creek Youth Ranch–the organization in which the money I paid for the venue with supported, is a complete jerk. She pretty much said her organization was far more important than mine because it’s an annual event. Annual events are generally planned well ahead of time, so… I should have been notified FAR LONGER in advance.

This review rubbed me the wrong way for more than one reason. 1. If the venue is only $2200, how did she spend $15,000? 2. Can they really cancel your wedding? 3. ONLY ELEVEN DAYS IN ADVANCE?! Aside from this review, I attempted when visiting Vive Le Ranch to keep an open mind. Unfortunately, my mind was quickly closed.

1. Upon arriving at Vive Le Ranch, you quickly discover it is anything BUT a ranch. It is nice property with a gazebo, guest house (for bride to dress in), and a barn, but these items by no means constitute a ranch. It is actually located in the middle of a Tulsa neighborhood.

2. The owner was roughly 20 minutes late and sadly looked terribly unprofessional (hair from the night before, sunglasses, shorts, and flip-flops).

3. The property truly did speak for itself. The barn is absolutely gorgeous and they obviously take very good care of the grounds. Unfortunately the barn space is a bit difficult to work with. If you have more than 50 people, plan on the dancing portion of the reception to take place outside. Besides this small hiccup, the only other problem with the property is that there is no air conditioning except in the guest house. Some may not find this a problem, but I have many elderly people in my family who would’ve been unable to withstand the Oklahoma heat for long stints of time. Also keep in mind that if you’re dressing in the only air conditioned area, where is your groom/FOB/groomsman/etc. getting dressed?

After we saw the Ranch, Chris and I were still interested. I asked her to send me the contract and the rest of the ranch information. Upon receiving the contract all my questions to the above review were finally answered.

The ranch actually costs a bit more than the rental fee. Besides this rental fee ($2200 which is due at the time of booking. AKA can’t book your date until you pay in full), you must also pay a $300 security deposit, that you MAY get back if things go smoothly. Vive Le Ranch also requires that you pay one of their chosen security guards $25/hour. They arrive 30 min prior to rental and stay until the last guest leaves (this would calculate to about $300). Vive Le Ranch also requires you to use Blue Label Bartending Service if you serve alcohol. They are fantastic company, but they are pretty pricey (typical wedding $2100).  These things alone have changed the $2200 price to $4,900**.Besides these things, Vive Le Ranch is a raw space. This means that you must rent tables, chairs, archs, and whatever kind of decorations you would like to add. Please be aware that these things add up quickly. Renting 100 chairs costs about $300.

Adding on to the damage already done, there are a few details in the Vive Le Ranch contract that are VERY important as far the price of the venue is concerned, you are after all paying an estimate of $5000 for the venue. You are in charge of coordinating the day and setting up the event. Music and Alcohol are required to stop at 10:30pm. You will also responsible for the tear down (removal of decor/trash). All guests, decorations, and trash must be gone from the property by midnight. Also, no sparklers/lanterns/confetti/no send off but bird seed is allowed. The most crucial clause in the contract (written in the fine print) The Brush Creek Youth Ranch holds priority to Vive Le Ranch and reserves at any time to cancel events. BOOM. Just like that, they CAN cancel your wedding.

I have seen hundreds of gorgeous wedding photos and reviews from Vive Le Ranch. However, Chris and I want to enjoy our wedding in the moment AND preserve it in photographs. I personally didn’t like the idea of taking off my wedding dress to help my parents haul garbage or kicking anyone out when we weren’t finished celebrating. For many people, I’m sure this venue would work perfectly but unfortunately/fortunately for us we went a different way.

I really hope this information is useful/helpful. I only wish someone had explained all of this to me.

*Budget Friendly does not by any means constitute cheap (remember The Tatanka Ranch costs MORE than Vive Le Ranch). It is simply a statement meaning getting the most for your money.

**Alcohol was something Chris and I truly wanted to offer at our wedding. Obviously it is not mandatory.

your love & my love

2012-7-7A28DSCN4080TCEngagement-42 (ZF-9246-33583-1-043)Tiffany-22Tiffany-82

This weekend was one for the books, but not in the way you might think. In only a month and three days, Chris and I will be putting on our  big event and committing ourselves to one another for life. Putting together the wedding, work, Chris’ flying, our very small social life, family events, bridal showers, house hunting, and parties have left the two of us with very little time to just be together. This weekend we were just together.

Three movies, four tv shows, two long walks, two mornings spent in bed, two dinner dates,  two nights spent tangled up on the couch, countless kisses, and endless conversations. We reminisced on our relationship, discussing how we’ve changed, how we’ve grown, and how we’ve loved. We talked about the future, the present, the past, and even the impossible. This weekend we lost ourselves in each other.

At this time, so close to the wedding, this was the best medicine. Knowing that this whole time (busy or not!) we’ve been here for one another, loving one another and missing one another. People can say relationships are work, but we don’t work for this unconditional love. This unconditional love exists between us. It is not a fire that can go out. It is not a feeling that can be lost. Our love is a bond and it has brought us together for life.

I have found the one whom my soul loves.  -Song of Solomon 3:4

shower of love

This past Sunday, I had my Oklahoma bridal shower with the majority of my family. It was put on by my sisters, mostly Kristen (who created ALL the decor herself!) No firm theme really, just country, rustic, and exactly what I was thinking ;)


I have a TON of family. Two Great Grandmothers, Three Grandmothers, One Great Aunt, Two (don’t like to be called Great) Aunts, Six Aunts, three girl cousins, two sisters, and lets not forget my mother! (These are just the ladies AND excluding my new family!) Of course not everyone could attend, but so many came and we had a BLAST!

DSCN5022DSCN4974DSCN4913DSCN4846DSCN4940DSCN4969DSCN4894DSCN4909(Grandma Love)DSCN4900DSCN4876(The Maid of Honor)
DSCN4856(Hostesses)DSCN4865DSCN4887(My mother)DSCN4948(flower girl + newborn cousin)DSCN4988(even Chris stopped by for a visit!)DSCN4847DSCN4851(My Mommy made this for me! Of course its only towels, but look how beautiful it is!)DSCN5021(MY VERY OWN KITCHEN AID MIXER!!! + Handmade Apron (ain’t I cute y’all!) + Handmade Towels w/lace and glitter c/o my Great Aunt Ruby)DSCN5008(Of course, Kala made me wine bottle bride. so cute!)

This shower was loaded with love, laughter, and eagerness for our upcoming wedding! It was so nice to visit and laugh all of family before the big day is finally here. Knowing they are looking forward to it has made it even more exciting for me. To really top off this shower, we played a game that really left a smile on everyone’s face! Three brides, three makeup artists, three hairstylists, and a runway.

20130310_15213720130310_15332120130310_153403(Zombie Bride was the Winner!)

We didn’t win, but we still had a wonderful time! Hugs, wishes, see you soons, it was all too fast. Thank you to everyone who came and helped put this never ending smile on my face. I love you guys!

Shopping Spring

DSCN4727Women’s Vintage Style V-Neck
DSCN4728DSCN4724Old Navy Accessories (vary to region)DSCN4729Women’s Printed Sundress
DSCN4723Women’s Diva Cuffed Denim ShortsDSCN4730Remember when I said, I should rep for Old Navy?  Well, Old Navy has graced my closet yet again with pinks and floral. I had a little spending money a few days ago and I just couldn’t resist brightening up my wardrobe! Warmer weather, warmer weather, warmer weather!

With some new warmth in my wardrobe, I’ve spent the morning packing my suitcase for a weekend trip home! Sunday is my Bridal Shower and I am so EXCITED! Another fun filled weekend of love, family, and friends. Like I said, you just can’t replace this feeling of love.

Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.

-Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Fairy Tales Do Come True

A few weekends ago, Chris and I road tripped to Colleyville, Texas for a wedding shower thrown by his Aunt, Sherrie and Cousin, Jessica. This was a great chance/opportunity for me to meet many of Chris’ family members who will be unable to make it to the wedding. This shower not only met its intended purpose, but exceeded my expectations beyond belief! Sherrie and Jessica worked very hard to create a beautiful room full of love and happily ever after. It was so beautiful and we had such a wonderful time spending time with our loved ones and celebrating our upcoming wedding.

The Theme: Fairy Tales Do Come TrueDSCN4572(Kala actually drew this for me XD! It is so beautiful! Close up, Here. To follow her blog, Here.)
DSCN4562DSCN4581DSCN4559DSCN4561DSCN4571DSCN4568DSCN4654DSCN4588DSCN4655DSCN4659(chris with all his ladies)

After playing some games and eating food, we finally opened the presents! (Chris and I later both admitted to feeling like kids on Christmas!) There had to be too much love and generosity in that room because we received so many gifts, heart warmed cards, and thoughtful words than we ever expected!DSCN4600DSCN4626While opening gifts, we did come across something a little bit special… our HONEYMOON c/o Chris’ parents! The Monday after the wedding Chris and I will be flying out to Jamaica for a week! We are so so so so so so so so…….. EXCITED!DSCN4633The build up to your wedding really is special. There is no other way to describe the love, support, and kindness that you feel surrounded with the months before you say I do. Thank you could never suffice to all those who came, but thank you. Thank you so much. DSCN4676DSCN4670DSCN4675

send it off

DSCN4706DSCN4713DSCN4708I should be an Old Navy rep. (seriously!) I pretty much buy everything from there, like this ENTIRE outfit. While I was getting ready, I didn’t even notice I paired together an entire outfit of Old Navy clothes! I was simply attempting to wear this very bright turquoise shirt, because it is my only Spring, Winter has returned! The weather was very chilly this morning, but I’m sure the warm weather will return.

Wednesday is supposed to be Hump day? NOT UP IN HERE! I have been bringing my A-Game today and nothing can stop me! This morning I was up, dressed, and out of the house by eight o’clock! If you know me, you know this is a very rare occasion, therefore there must be a reason for my early rise! Well, those of you thinking that are correct! This morning I stopped at the post office and dropped off 80 wedding invitations for 146 very special people. Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Springing Forward

DSCN4692asdfghDSCN4689DSCN4697DSCN4682DSCN4700It is officially March. What does March mean for me? March means I’m going to be Chris’ wife soon. March means a huge step in my life. March means, I’m almost there! The excitement has officially set in! I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!

So why on earth am I out and about wearing anything but yoga pants and leggings? Monday means I’m running errands! This spring inspired get up was perfect for my all day errands and chores. Comfortable and bright, I don’t wear gold often but today it really popped! Score!

So what’s on my agenda for the week?

  • Tatanka Ranch Paperwork
  • Rental Property Phone Calls
  • Choosing Ceremony Music
  • Choosing Reception Layout
  • Creating Boutineers (no idea on spelling)

To bring the busy week to an end, we’ll be travelling to my hometown for my final bridal shower! YAY! I absolutely cannot wait to be showered with love by my closest family and friends. A weekend (or so) ago, I had my first bridal shower in Texas. I met a lot of Chris’ family and we had such a wonderful time! Expect a post on that later this week!